Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Cleaning

I installed an LED spotlight beside my SD300 to illuminate the interior. A spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol and a handy roll of towels make it convenient to clean the table after each build.

Once a week I give the machine a more thorough cleaning. It's quick and easy, so I made it a habit. For convenience I use SDMove to move the cutting gantry to the back of the cabinet, out of the way.

Although harsh, the intense light makes it easy to check on a build and it highlights any dirt or contaminants inside the machine.

Normally the ironing bridge is parked at the near end of the machine. Pushing it back exposes the glue trap, a small trough that collects any glue left over after ironing the layers together. The "glue" is actually a heat-and-pressure activated solvent that helps melt the PVC sheets together, but doesn't leave any residue on its own. So it can be cleaned by simply misting with isopropyl and soaking it up with a towel.

The build pad is ordinarily held in place by its magnetic backing. This is the only part of the machine that makes contact with both PVC sheets and the glue. It's remained in good condition but it'll eventually need replacement. Build pads are inexpensive (about $25) and I've already got spares.

All told, cleaning took about 3 or 4 minutes.

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  1. The magnetic pads are recommended to be replaced after use of 9 kits of material. After looking at your maintenance routine though, I think you may get a bit more mileage out of them!