Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2x2x1 Summary

Although my 2x2x1 puzzle isn't a particularly interesting puzzle, it's been a valuable experimental tool. I built a hollow version to verify the model before uploading an update to Shapeways and was stunned at how attractive the transparent parts were!

I'm moving on to my next project, but I will undoubtedly come back to this model when I want to experiment. It's a simple model that I can build quickly and cheaply whenever I want to test a new fabrication or finishing technique.

I shared the puzzle at the TwistyPuzzles forum and received some positive comments. It can be purchased from Shapeways in SLS nylon, so I posted a video that explains how to assemble it.


  1. Hey Scott,

    They look great transparent.

    Nice work

  2. hey, what's your biggest complaint with the SD300... I am so close to buying one, but I am having trouble pulling the trigger.