Friday, February 3, 2012

Nikola Tesla and Blue

Nikola Tesla proposed a Valvular Conduit in which fluid (or gas) flows freely in only one direction.  There are no moving parts, but reverse flow is impeded by inducing turbulence at the backward-facing junctions.

I expected it to be an ideal model to build in transparent material, thereby allowing the user to see inside, but I found my model just a bit too transparent.  Yes, I could see inside the model but it was hard to distinguish the channels from the walls.  Ordinarily I would resolve that by adding a layer of red material, which is strongly colored so it makes a good contrast.

But a friend had recently hooked me up with a carton of dark blue VisiJet LD material, which is 100% compatible with the SD300.  I hadn't tried it out yet, so this seemed like a good opportunity to test it.

I built another model of the conduit using transparent material as before, except this time I put in the blue material for just one layer.  When I removed the unused material the outline of the conduit emerged in sharp contrast.

The blue material makes the conduit walls stand out vividly.

Now it's easy to distinguish the channel even when looking through the fully assembled model.  Fluids can move easily through the conduit from left-to-right because the junctions converge without creating much turbulence, but right-to-left flow is impeded because the junctions divide the flow and force it back across its own path.


  1. That is just plain pretty! I love the blue that your friend hooked you up with!