Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Box for Guile

I've been trying to develop a puzzle that requires a box with very, very specific dimensions.  I couldn't find a ready-made box of the right size so I tried building it with laser-cut acrylic panels, but the box didn't have the right characteristics...and I lost access to the laser so I couldn't continue experimenting with it.

To build the box on the SD300 I designed a flat model with hinges that would reproduce the exact interior I needed when the wall panels were folded.

For stability I added a ridge along one edge that could engage tabs on the side walls.

When the panels are folded into the right shape there's a groove around the top rim of the box.

A separate plastic rim snaps into the groove, thereby completing the box.

The finished box matches the dimensions of my laser-cut prototype, but it adds the lid mechanism that was missing from the laser-cut model.  Now I can build as many as I need.

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