Friday, January 6, 2012

Test Model vs. "Clean Bubbles"

In Monday's post I concluded that whenever the SD300 has been idle for a week or more that it's wise to either build a Test Model or run the Clean Bubbles maintenance routine to clear bubbles out of the glue delivery lines.

But which method is better?  Is there a difference?

I ran some tests, reviewed the logs, and weighed the glue cartridge: a Test Model takes 15 minutes, uses 8 grams of glue, and consumes some PVC material. The Clean Bubbles routine takes about 1 minute, uses 5 grams of glue, and doesn't consume any other consumables.

So Clean Bubbles is better, faster, and more economical.

From now on, when I want to build a model after leaving my SD300 idle for a week I will 1) first clean the glue trap with a paper towel, 2) run the Clean Bubbles routine in SDMove, and 3) confirm liquid glue has been deposited in the trap.  (Repeat Clean Bubbles if the trap is dry.)

Bubbles in the glue lines tend to resolve themselves, but it's nice to discover how trivially easy it is to prevent the problem in the first place.


  1. sorry
    we just got our second hand SD300PRO
    got some problem need help

    I have been trying to get these printers working until now but I couldnt.
    I watched the included video and checked youtube many times to check if I missed anything but apparently I followed through pretty well and I still couldnt find out what the problem is.
    The opened box printer doesnt have NO error messege but seems like BOTH printer seems to have a same problem.
    There is a process when the header is laying the plastic sheet on the surface while applying the glue on the surface.
    This process make sure the sheet stays on the surface before cutting.
    check the youtube link for what the process I am talking about (00:15)

    It seems like both printer is not sufficiently applying the glue so the sheet doesnt stay on the surface and when it starts to cut, the sheet get wrinkled and get jammed.

    we really have no idea about the situation,please help us.....

    1. Chengsam2000 did you ever figure out what the problem was? I have the same issue. I have run the bubble utility many times and still the cutting knife cannot cut through all of the pvc properly. I have replaced the knife with same result.

  2. Try running SDMove.exe and run the "Clean Bubbles" command several times more. Keep repeating until the glue trap fills with glue, then empty the glue trap and try ahain.

    Some Solido users have told me they needed to run "Clean Bubbles" 7 or 8 times to get glue flowing the first time. One user said he got it to work by "pushing the plunger and squeezing the glue container."

    1. Greetings Scott,

      Great Blog, I have read through a lot of it. I am impressed with what you have done with the SD300. When I turn on the machine and run the test model I cannot get past the step where the trim knife trims the pvc. Its will cut some part of it but not all of it. Its a new nife. Its intermittent. Any advice?