Friday, January 20, 2012

MINI Cooper Grocery Bag Hook

MINI offers a "Grocery Bag Hook" accessory that's supposed to prevent shopping bags from sliding around in the trunk.  But bags don't slide around in the tiny trunk of a MINI Cooper, so their accessory seems unnecessary.  What I really wanted was a hook that would keep a shopping bag from sliding around in front of the seats, so I designed this simple hook.

This hook attaches easily to the dealer-supplied cup holder accessory.  Shopping bags slip neatly into the deep slot so they won't slide around.

I put it online at Shapeways and built a sample in their Red Strong & Flexible material.  Don't expect it to be a big seller!

I had replaced the material kit partway through the build, and the tints didn't quite match even though both kits were Amber Transparent material.

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