Monday, April 18, 2011

Trammel of Archimedes

I haven't been feeling very creative this week, so I downloaded the Trammel of Archimedes model just to build something interesting.

As I've done on many occasions I wanted to build a two-color model, but I tried a new approach: I remotely monitored the log by putting the SDM_Printers folder on my network. That enabled me to pause the printer just before the model reached a height of 24.3mm (which shows as 24300 microns in the log).

While peeling away the support material I found a weak spot in a thin wall, probably caused by a bad weld. I applied a drop of Weld-On 2007, which repaired the weak spot by causing the PVC to bond to itself without adding any glue or filler, so it wouldn't affect the dimensions.

The cleaned parts take full advantage of the contrasting colors.

Here's a quick video showing how the Trammel of Archimedes traces an ellipse.

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