Sunday, April 10, 2011

Traffic cones with light pipe

I've been watching for an opportunity use the SD300's ability to embed light-pipe-like transparency in a model, so I decided to adapt a Traffic Cone model I stumbled upon at Thingiverse.

I built the models upside-down, with a few layers of red followed by several millimeters of transparent layers to form a window between the interior cavity and the outside walls.

As usual with hollow models I chose to clean the leftover material out of the cavities before I removed the exterior supports. That makes it simple to hold onto the models because they're still embedded in the model block.

When the exterior support material was partly cleared I tested the light-pipe effect by shining a flashlight up through the bottom of one of the models. Light shone brightly through the transparent layers!

Here's a quick clip showing how it looks on an animated light table, illuminated from below. There's probably enough volume to fit an LED and button cell battery entirely within each model.

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