Monday, February 14, 2011

Light pipes via transparency

Inverting some previous builds I've been embedding a transparent band within opaque parts, such as these Puzzle Sphere pieces. The transparent band can act as a light pipe. There's another picture here of the assembled puzzle.

Similarly I built a batch of various Marble puzzles with embedded clear bands.

Here's one piece on a light table, showing how the clear band transmits light.

When two pieces are assembled into a Marble, the clear band in one piece transmits light through the other.

Here's an unrelated part I happened to build at the same time. It's a purely mechanical part, but it also includes a transparent band because the SD300 was building it with the same materials as the Marbles. The color-change doesn't affect the strength of the part.


  1. Scott, have you heard any information concerning the future of the consumable kits? Is someone going to continue to produce them?

  2. My dealer has promised to continue providing supplies for the foreseeable future. Inventories are sufficiently good that there will probably be ample warning before a shortage develops.

    Honestly I don't really know if the supply chain could be threatened, but it makes sense to let my Solido vendor do my worrying for me. It would be unfortunate if I became too frightened and stingy to make proper use of my SD300. In the meantime I'll patiently watch for more details to emerge.