Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conjoined Vica Illusion sculpture

When I was preparing to build a full-size version of Chylld's Vica Illusion Sculpture I noticed SDView, the SD300 build software, displayed the model at an angle that would allow two of them to be conjoined by making a second copy and overlapping it with the first. SDView won't ordinarily build if two models overlap, but it merges the meshes if the model is exported. The exported file can then be built as a single mesh with two overlapping shells.

My previous test-build showed me how to arrange peeling cuts for efficient removal of the support material, but I didn't have experience with the conjoined area so I programmed SDView to leave an isolated region of support material between the two halves. This worked out really nicely because it kept the two halves stable until I was ready to remove the last bit of support material connecting them.

The conjoined sculpture isn't as elegant as the original but it's novel. And that's all I wanted.

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