Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hands free memo holder

I had intended this memo holder to use a marble to grab papers behind a wedge-shaped panel.  But the marble didn't work very well so I 3D printed a plastic cylinder that worked better.  It works by sliding papers up into the slit behind the cylinder, whereupon the force of gravity traps the paper between the cylinder and the back plate.

There are two versions, one plain and one with slots added for hanging lightweight articles.  After a little more experimentation I modified the cylinder into a barrel with a fat middle section.  That held papers better than the cylinder.  I rebuilt the memo holder with side walls oriented for better transparency to illustrate how it grips papers by the wedging action of the red barrel.

Here's video that illustrates how it works...

This particular note holder was attached to the wall using a small Command brand adhesive strip.

I also made a refrigerator-magnet version by trimming a square from a worn out magnetic pad from my SD300 and gluing it to the back of a memo holder.

STL and STP files for this model are shared here.

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