Friday, July 30, 2010

Gem Holders

Last year I learned to engrave little pictures onto various gemstones using a CO2 laser. I got the best results from lab-grown rubies and sapphires (both corundum) which etched to a frosty image that contrasted nicely with the saturated color of the stones.

I wanted to share the engraved gemstones with other puzzle enthusiasts but the loose stones are easily lost, so I designed and built gem holders on the SD300 using black material.

The flexible tabs allow the gem to be snapped securely into place. Each gem can be removed by pushing it out of the holder through a cavity in the back.

I also built a gem holder using transparent material, which slips into an opaque white holder.

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  1. Great Blog! Thanks for writing it. Learning lots about a tool I hope to own soon.