Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rox Box: Clear and opaque in the same parts

I built this puzzle box for a collector named Roxanne, and incorporated her nickname "Rox" into the puzzle itself. The box holds the gemstones using the gem holders I built earlier, so I called it the "Rox Box."

The gem holders slide into a plastic insert, which corkscrews into the middle of the puzzle box. Rox's nickname is carved into the walls, which creates a maze the lid has to be threaded through to open the box. This premise was inspired by Teifenbacher's A-Mazing Box at Thingiverse.

It's 3D printed with a combination of opaque materials and clear material to form windows, so the gems are visible when the box is closed. A ruby is visible through the top, engraved with a Rubik's Cube.

A sapphire is visible through the bottom of the box.

To build opaque parts with clear windows I switched between transparent and opaque material while the SD300 was building, which resulted in a seamless transition between the two. Thus the clear windows are integral, rather than being assembled separately.

This was my first attempt to combine two materials, and it worked perfectly on my first try! In this instance I simply arranged the parts so the window would be built first, and started building with clear material. When it had built to a height of 2mm (the thickness of the windows) I selected "Unfeed media" on the front panel, swapped-in the opaque white material, and let it continue building.

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