Monday, March 22, 2010

Process comparison: Invision HR

I had previously built parts for the Junior Barrel in blue VisiJet HR200 material on a 3D Systems Invision HR (succeeded by the Projet HD). Here's a closeup comparison with the same parts built on my Solido SD300 Pro using translucent/transparent amber material. (Both

Both machines used translucent material, but both offer opaque material options.

The Solido SD300 can render glossy flat surfaces by simply exposing the original surface of the PVC sheet. The Invision HR part is covered with a stubborn white wax that supported another part being built above it, the part in the next picture.

Stairstepping is visible on the angular surfaces of the SD300 part, whereas a dither-like pattern is visible on all surfaces of the Invision HR part. (Click picture to see the details close-up.)

Surprisingly, the SD300 bested the Invision HR for these exterior parts. The SD300 parts exhibit a consistent, satin-like sheen. The Invision HR had built these parts standing on their ends so half the curve was built facing down and half was built facing up, resulting in a distracting change in texture.

The Invision HR's wax support material is hard to remove completely. Most of it just wipes off, but there's a stubborn residue. Acetone was recommended, but that simply eliminates the greasy feel without cleaning away the white 'bloom.'

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