Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puzzle-box Gift Cube

While using the SD300 to build some packaging I was inspired to build a puzzling group of six-piece boxes, which are held together solely by the interlocking tabs. I posted the files at at Thingiverse.

There are six parts to each cube, so I designed a variant that has six stacked parts that build all together at the same time.

The stacked version emerges as six parts, each separated by a single uncut layer of support material.

The boxes can be scaled down to smaller, thinner sizes. However the smallest box is impractically thin: with walls only 0.34mm thick, the parts are so flexible that it was almost impossible to assemble!

With effort I've managed to pack gifts inside some of the boxes, packing the excess space with tissue paper to disguise the contents. It's a novel presentation, and a bit puzzling to take apart.

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