Saturday, December 25, 2010

Frivolous Christmas!

All the kids are grown up, so my folks host a white-elephant gift exchange where the whole family brings a lot of unmarked gifts and we take turns picking and unwrapping. Many of the gifts are genuinely desirable items (eg: Roomba, a camera, etc.) but we try to have silly, fun gifts warpped in imaginative or frivolous ways. For example, I bought Hamasuta the Happy Hamster from American Science and Surplus. This motorized "hamster" scrambles around in its clear plastic ball, much like a real hamster.

It looks rather like a coconut when the ball is wrapped in tissue paper, so I decided to put misleading hints on the box to suggest it really was a coconut.

I boxed it in one of the transparent Puzzle-box Gift Cubes I'd built on the SD300 so the coconut-shaped tissue would be visible, and added a humorous label to imply it's just a coconut.

Another example of the family's theme of fun & silliness is this box whose attached card includes a drawing of an "inflamed colon." The inset shows it's just a play on words, not something gross!

The family reassembled my gift-cube boxes with the colors mixed in a peppermint-candy color scheme, which fits the holiday theme. I wish I'd thought of that!

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