Friday, August 23, 2013

IPP Pictures of Puzzle Enthusiasts taking pictures of Puzzle Enthusiasts

Lots of people took pictures at IPP, so here are some pictures of the people who took pictures.


  1. Scott, is that last photo at Tribox? My brother and I got lost looking for Puzzleshop Torito (though we found it eventually), and never made it to Tribox, dammit.

    Speaking of photographing photographers, I went to a wedding last week, and I was giggling with a lady in the row in front of me. We were taking pictures of people taking pictures. In fact, several people made this same amusing observation throughout the day...except the wedding photographer. He seemed a bit grouchy.

  2. Yes, the last picture is at Tribox -- it only barely qualified for the list because it's shot over José's shoulder as she was taking a picture of Takafumi and Oskar. You can just barely see her hands on the camera.