Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bacteriophage by LMDM

Here's an excellent work by someone else:

The Laboratório de Material Didático Multimídia encourages the use of multimedia to promote science education in Brazil, particularly materials sciences. In 2010 they acquired equipment for building solid models including CNC mills, RapMan (from BitsFromBytes), and a Solido SD300 Pro.

Illustrated here is a bacteriophage they assembled on their SD300, using source data created in Google Sketchup!

The model was built as a flat sheet only 5 layers thick, yielding parts that are then folded and glued together.

Consistent with LMDM's philosophy, they produced an animated video that graphically shows viewers how to assemble the bacteriophage model.

Naturally they've posted a YouTube video showing the whole process of building the model, the assembly animation, and the finished model.

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